Transformation Ministry


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What is Transformational Ministry?

  • A two-year process known as CONNECT between we of New Hope, the Indiana-Kentucky Synod and the ELCA.
  • A way for we at New Hope to discern, renew and move to God’s future for us.
  • A challenging, hope-filled and exciting adventure.

What does CONNECT entail?

  • Every individual who feel part of New Hope is a member of Transformational Ministry or CONNECT.
  • It is developed and conceptualized by our own New Hope Transformational Ministry Leadership Team.
  • It is a lifelong and ever changing process for New Hope and each individual connected here.
  • It is about being intentional.
  • It is about experimentation and taking risks.
  • It is about not being afraid to fail.
  • It will bring renewal to New Hope and each individual connected here.

What are we growing towards?

  • Understanding what God’s purpose is for New Hope in the Monticello Community and the world beyond.
  • Being willing to change for the sake of living out the Gospel.
  • Sharing leadership among all who are connected to New Hope.

What are we currently working on?

  • Discerning each of our individual missions given to us by God.
  • Understanding our individual calls, purposes and guiding principles.
  • Understanding Transformational Ministry and its guiding principles.
  • Learning to be Church in the world.
  • Bringing our faith to where we live and work.

What are key practices to help us perform Transformational Ministry?

  • Intentionally engage in dialogue with God in daily prayer, devotion and reflection. (See Philippians 4:6)
  • Intentionally dwell in the Word of God through daily Bible study. (See Matthew. 28:19-20)
  • Actively seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in daily activities. (See John 14:26)
    Actively look for, recognize and acknowledge the hand of God in our daily lives. (See Psalm 46:1)